How to Deal With the Hard Questions

One of the most interesting things about raising kids is being asked all of the thoughtful, crazy, unpredictable questions that if asked by an adult you might wonder what substances they had recently digested.

            Some of these questions are understandable: “If everyone loves Halloween, why can’t we have it every day and make everybody happy?”

            Some of these questions lead to greater discussions about health and responsibility: “Why isn’t ice cream a good breakfast?”  “Well where can I throw the crumbs?”

            Some questions fill you with pride: “If I love Bubbe and Pop Pop and Grandma and Grandpa more everyday does my heart get bigger?”

            Some questions make you worry: “Do you know where I left my brother?”

            Some questions come ready with an answer: “Mommy, if I don’t have my TV show right now do you know what I’m gonna do?  I’m gonna not be happy, Mommy.  That’s what I’m gonna do.”

            Some questions aren’t so much a question as a statement: “Mommy, can I have Sophie over for a playdate because I told her she can come over so you have to call her mommy.”

            And then there are those questions that come as you’re slicing an apple to go with dinner: “Mommy, how did we get into your tummy as babies?”

            And with those questions, you take a pause, and with some surprise listen to your husband answer in the most perfect way possible: “Yes, you were babies in Mommy’s tummy.”

            Unfortunately, this does not fly with your five year-old daughter.  So she tries again: “Daddy, but how did we get in her tummy?”

            And so he gives another perfect answer: “Isn’t it amazing you were in her tummy once?”

            “Daddy, you’re not making any sense.”

            “Yeah, that happens sometimes.”

            With the answer and question session successfully completed with no knowledge given and the uncomfortableness pushed off for at least another day, you sit and eat.  And are asked: “Why can’t Valentine’s Day be every day?”


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