Potty Training & Free Giveaway!

If you’ve read my post, https://a3bernstein.wordpress.com/2014/05/07/5-reasons-its-better-your-child-isnt-potty-trained/, you’ve probably realized things are not progressing quickly on the potty training front for one of my kids.  Indeed it’s true as my youngest has decided diapers are for him, he’s for diapers, and no one should get in the way of such a wonderful relationship.  Honestly, part of his reluctance to even listen to the words pull-ups and potties and underwear is because of my reluctance to address it.  For one thing, he’s both our youngest and our last so anytime he reaches a milestone I celebrate it and also get a little sad knowing we’ve left behind a phase I won’t experience with another child.  I do baby and coddle him because of it and in terms of things like potty-training, it does him no favors.  Another issue is that because of his speech delay, something like potty-training hasn’t been a high priority for me as my main focus has usually been on his therapy and progress.  Still, I’ve tried reading him potty books and talking excitedly about going on the potty like ‘big boys’ but it hasn’t had much impact on his desire to try.

Therefore I was pretty excited when Gina Blatt, President and Co-creator of the Let’s Potty! board game, contacted me to review it. I wasn’t sure what to expect out of the experience as my son, who will be three soon, hasn’t played much with board games other than to expertly take all the pieces out of his sister’s Candy Land game and hide them in every crevice of our house.  I’m pretty sure I see a white card with a red square peeking out of the couch cushions as I write this.  Luckily my daughter doesn’t mind as her favorite part of the Candy Land game is to look at the pictures of candy on the board and decide which ones are her favorite.

Like most kids, my son was very excited when a new toy came into the house.  He opened up the Let’s Potty! lid and took out all of the pieces.  He also enjoyed looking at the colorful board, designed by Danny Skurow, which is filled with illustrated scenes from a household.


I explained to him the game which is very simple. There are four player pieces (he immediately took the boy in green and gave me the girl in purple) which start at the beginning of the path of a long roll of toilet paper. There are no dice or spinning wheels but each player takes a turn reading one of the index size shaped cards.  The cards all have very positive sayings on them such as “Hurray, Hurray! You gave your diapers away!” and “You’re becoming a pro! You let a grownup know that you had to go!” The cards then tell the played to advance to either the next star or ‘rolly’ (roll of toilet paper).  Every player gets a chance to win when they reach the end of the toilet paper where a drawing of a very happy boy is sitting on his toilet seat.

My son clapped when his player piece reached the end first and seemed to enjoy listening to the cards being read.  After we put away the game I asked him if he wanted to use the potty and he said no.  Later that afternoon when his sister was home from school I took out the game again and we played it together but when I asked again if he wanted to use the potty, he again declined.  Later that night before bath, after his sister had her turn on the toilet I told my son he could try if he wanted.  To my surprise he started to take his diaper off and I helped him on the seat.  He sat for about five minutes with nothing coming out before deciding he was done trying.  Still, it was great to see him try.

The next morning after breakfast both kids left the kitchen to play and when I found them they were looking at the Let’s Potty! game with my daughter trying to read the cards. I asked my son if he wanted to use the potty but he was too busy playing with the board game to go to the bathroom.


It’s now been about a week since we first started playing the game and have played it about once a day since.  Is my son potty-trained?…..no.  However, I can say he seems more excited about the idea of potty training and today is the second day he’s wearing pull-ups which he refused to put on before.  He’s also successfully gone on the toilet three times, almost always before bathtime.

My goal is to use the week after pre-school ends and before camp starts to switch him to underpants and fully commit to potty-training as it’ll be a time I won’t need to take him to activities and can just focus on him learning to use the potty and understand his body’s signals.  Now that he’s played the Let’s Potty! game and is obviously more excited about potty training, I have more confidence we’ll soon have success.

If you are interested about the Let’s Potty! game please visit their website at http://www.lets-potty.com.

Now for the really great part, we have a free giveaway!  Please leave a comment about either the best or the worst potty training advice you’ve heard of by Wednesday, June 4th at 4:00PM EST and one winner within the U.S. will be picked at random and announced on June 5th.  They will receive a free Let’s Potty! board game shipped free of charge. Good luck & happy potty training!


25 thoughts on “Potty Training & Free Giveaway!

  1. “It will happen when he is ready.” was the best piece of advice I got about potty training. I stopped trying to pressure him into it and once he was ready, we hardly had any accidents. I’m glad we didn’t rush it.

  2. Ashley says:

    Best Advice: No amount of bribery is too much. After awhile they will eventually stop asking for whatever motivates them (pez, m&m’s, jellybeans, matchbox cars, etc.) and they do!

  3. devon says:

    we also thought that the best advice was that it would happen when our daughter was ready. and as our son nears potty-age, i hope we keep that advice in mind …

  4. leslie says:

    I have yet to hear any training advice for my own, but I certainly look forward to hearing some gems in the future!

  5. Katie Walsh says:

    The best potty training advice I got was to put cheerios in the toilet and have my son aim for them. Worked like a charm!

  6. Maria Sanders says:

    Follow their lead. I let my 2.5 yo (she started training at 2) decide if she wanted to sit on the potty and if she wanted to wear pull ups or underwear. We went back and forth, but it was never a battle and never stressful because she was in control. It’s a big deal for these little kids- they are losing control in some ways during potty training, so it’s important we give some control back.

  7. jaws4242 says:

    You pretty much described my son – He loves to hide the Candy Land game pieces and snatch them from his older sister, he will be 3 in September and has no interest in the potty (except for maybe dropping Candy Land gingerbread men in there) and also had a speech delay (though it was due to a cleft palate he had surgery on, so I can’t use that as an excuse anymore). The worst advice I received with my daughter was just to start when it was too early. I waited until she was ready and she was over 3 years old! Because I waited, she never had an accident after I put her in underwear and she was essentially trained on day one. Sure there have been a few accidents in the past year, but a very few. I’ll probably wait until her brother is 3 to try too, but I do need to start talking about it with him and getting him interested.

  8. Danielle Hampton says:

    The best potty training advice I ever got? “Get Naked!” Um…ok, just the kids. I turned up the heat (it was February), stripped him down, rolled up the carpets, and let him run wild! Then, when he had an “accident” I’d gently steer him to the potty and then afterwards we’d clean up the pee on the floor together. No shame or chastising…just cleaning up like we would if we spilled water.

      • Danielle Hampton says:

        It also makes them super aware of when they have to go. With pants or underwear on, it isn’t until they begin to saturate and feel wet that they realize they are going. With no clothes on to absorb it, they realize immediately. It was part of potty traing “boot camp”.

  9. Josefine says:

    I was told about the 3-day method and it worked great for us. My daughter trained in half a day at 2 years and 4 months but she was very ready and wanted to be in underwear.

    This game would be great for my nephew as he is almost 4 and very resistant.

  10. Laura says:

    Play the game while he is on the potty. When we were potty training we would spend a ton of time with the girls sitting on the potty and one of the parents sitting in there telling stories or playing games or reading books. Eventually they would go potty and they got the hang of it after a couple of days. We would just go into the bathroom every two or three hours to try and while we were there it was such a fun party they never said they didn’t want to try. 😉

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