Living with Zombies

I am among the hordes of television viewers anxiously awaiting the new season of AMC’s The Walking Dead to start. There’s just something about seeing a diverse group of people figure out how to defeat constant attacks by zombies, constant threats by fellow humans, and constant shortages of food (and formula) all while remembering to hold onto their humanity. Oh, and Michonne’s sword skills and Daryl’s improbable hairstyle don’t hurt either.

But in the meantime, if you have children, you really are getting your daily fix of zombie ruled worlds. Don’t believe me? Ask yourself if these zombie traits sound at all familiar:

1. Zombies won’t listen to reason. In fact, they really don’t listen to you at all.

2. Zombies are constantly hungry yet never want to eat what you wish they would.

3. Zombies are very clingy and never want to leave you alone. Whether you’re in the bathroom, laundry room or needing to pick up food at the grocery store, they’re always trying to stay close and make you rush faster through your day than you want to. Sometimes you just want to get away.

4. Their clinginess can be explained by the fact that zombies depend on you for their survival. Sure, they need to feed on your body to survive, but what breastfeeding mom can’t relate to feeling like her body is sometimes just a buffet?

5. Because of zombies, you are exhausted, hungry, un-showered and you haven’t had a pedicure in ages.

6. The arrival of zombies is a life-changing event. They make you immediately learn a lot about your strengths and weaknesses and they also help you understand the value of being very, very quick.

7. But in the end, no matter how difficult zombies can be, they’re worth it. Well, at least for viewers of The Walking Dead.