Molly’s Christmas Gift

I came across a blogpost from the children’s book writer, Susanna Leonard Hill. She’s organizing a picture book contest. Please check it out here, especially if you’d like to enter: The rules are to write a holiday themed story, 350 words max, where weather impacts the holiday. I wrote the story below, “Molly’s Christmas Gift,” for the contest. I hope you enjoy it!

Molly’s Christmas Gift

It was a fair December day before Christmas. The sun was shining and children were playing outside.

Only Molly was upset.

“I wanted it to snow for Christmas.”

Molly wanted other things too. She pulled out her Christmas list. “This list is too small. I need more dolls. And each doll must have a matching dress and purse.”

Suddenly, the winds began to swirl and the clouds darkened up above.

“I only got three jewelry making kits last year. Tomorrow I better have six.”

Children ran inside their homes as rain dropped from the sky.

“Does Santa know I scratched a tea cup in my twelve tea cup set? I need a whole new set now.”

Lightening began to crack through the skies and thunder could be heard by neighbors far and wide.

Molly continued to write.

During dinner she added a peppermint cookie mix onto her list.

During bath time she added marshmallow scented bubblebath and mermaid bath toys.

During storytime she added the entire Empress Elsie book collection.

Every time Molly added to her list, it became colder, wetter, windier and louder outside her home.

Molly did not notice the weather. She fell asleep dreaming of more and more toys she wanted Santa Claus to bring her.

The next morning it was quiet and calm outside of Molly’s house. The only sound anyone could hear was the sound of Molly screaming out, “Where are all my Christmas presents?”

Under the Christmas tree there were no dolls or books or peppermint cookie mixes. The only item Molly found was a note.

“Dear Molly, the weather was too terrible to bring any gifts. Please enjoy all that you have. Love, Santa Claus.”

Molly sniffled as she gathered her dolls. She read her dolls books and then made a beaded necklace from her jewelry kit.

When she was finished with her necklace, Molly wondered if the weather was still terrible.

Molly looked out the window and saw that it wasn’t terrible at all. It had snowed!

A small smile came upon her face. “Thank you, Santa,” Molly said.


73 thoughts on “Molly’s Christmas Gift

  1. Pamela Courtney says:

    Okay. So how much am I loving the way Molly’s greed influences the weather? A whole bunch. What an original ideal. I hope you are thinking of this as a real picture book story. Say that you are.

    • Thanks so much for the encouraging comment, Pamela!! I only wrote the story for the contest so far and hadn’t thought to work on it as something more but I’ll definitely think about it now 🙂

  2. Hi Ariel…what a charming story…I love that Molly was able to enjoy the possessions she had previously not thought much of…and then found pure joy in the gift of snow…what a beautiful turn-around she made. 🙂

    • Thanks, Vivian! It was hard at first getting it all into 350 words but it’s such a good exercise in editing and I’m really glad the ending doesn’t feel too rushed to readers. Thank you for reading & commenting!

  3. Sounds like poor greedy Molly learned an important lesson about wanting too much! What a delightful and well-written story, Ariel! I really liked how unlikable (though believable! :)) Molly was at the beginning, and how she became nicer-though-still-not-perfect by the end! Great job. Thanks so much for joining in the Holiday fun 🙂

  4. Kristen Schroeder says:

    Very clever with the weather worsening but then in the end, Molly gets her first wish for snow. You tied it all together. Well done!

  5. What a lovely story, Ariel. I like the descriptions of the weather worsening and young Molly unaware of it all. What a great message your story teaches, too. Nicely done!

  6. Stacy S. Jensen says:

    Wow. I knew the longer she made the list … Molly would not be happy. 🙂 I like characters who are a bit naughty.

  7. Well I am one excited person over here. I was in love with your Twitter pitches and here you are!! 🙂 great story. It is all too easy for kids (and adults) to be consumed by things!! Thank you for sharing and now I shall have to read through all your posts.

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