My Writing Journey

Being a writer is a strange role to inhabit. Sometimes you aren’t sure you are a “writer,” and sometimes you feel like a writer even when you’re not actually writing.

In some ways I’ve been a writer since school. I wrote short stories and got them critiqued by very kind English teachers outside of class. I stopped writing in college when many other things caught my attention. I became a writer again a few years after graduation when I wrote my first novel and to my shock, got a wonderful agent to represent me. I felt less like a writer when the book failed to sell and I thought that was it for my writing career as I couldn’t imagine having a second novel in me. Years later, I became inspired by two friends who wrote in between raising their children, and began to write short stories. I felt even more like a writer when I started this blog and found the incredible online community of talented bloggers and writers.

When I started on my journey of writing children’s books, I knew for certain I was going to stay a writer long-term, no matter if I got published or not. I fell in love with writing all over again. I thought of fifty-plus ideas for picture books, some with potential but many with no potential at all. I joined an incredible critique group and found many other wonderful critique partners, and became better with every revision. I stopped being intimidated enough to write a whole chapter book. I learned what ‘show’ vs. ‘tell’ means, how to pace a story, and how to study mentor texts. I joined SCBWI and attended two invaluable conferences and got to meet so many writer friends I had previously interacted with online.

Along the way I signed with my amazing agent, Mary Cummings. And yesterday I got to announce that my picture book, I HAVE A BALLOON, has been acquired by Sylvie Frank at Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman books and will be illustrated by the one and only Scott Magoon. I still can’t believe I am working with such talented people!

It’s been wonderful finding my voice again in children’s books. The only downside is that I have neglected this blog and the blogging world too much. I know I’ll find the time again to read the blogs I love to follow, but I think for the time being my writing will be focused on the children’s books. I even created an author website,, that actually has my name in it. Can you tell I had no idea what I was doing when I named this ‘a3bernstein’??

Thank you for reading this post and any of the posts you read on my blog. Every comment meant so much to me!


6 thoughts on “My Writing Journey

  1. I’m so excited for you and proud of you for sticking to it through rejection, and children, and challenges! It’s so nice to hear about your journey and successes! Here’s to many more!

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